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They are suitable for conditioning medium and large stores . Especially suitable for offices, gyms, shopping centers, hotels, banks, etc..

The most suitable air conditioning system that fits the user’s needs , both local distribution , and economic use of the available budget is designed.

This will decide the following types of air conditioning :

  • Conventional equipment for large air ducts. They are equips connected to a network of circular duct and / or rectangular diffusers that we divided by the flow of air through the different surfaces.
  • Variable flow systems ( VRV ) with or without heat recovery generation. It is currently the most advanced system , the operating principle is by outdoor unit feed multiple indoor units , adjusting the power consumption needs , that offers almost endless possibilities and can be heated by any local building and this is singular .
  • By chiller fan coil units and water. The cooling water has certain advantages over other systems , which still makes it attractive for a number of users. INNOVATERMIA did not want to let go of this segment and includes among its options when it comes to value, as long as the customer request.